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At 12:13 on June 13, 2009, rachel henderson said…
hi Paul,
How have you been?
Brad told me about this site and that i could find the likes of you on here! :)
I'm having a farewell on the July 18th, at the Golfclub at Wyong!
Would love to see you there! It would be good to catch up!
Im heading of to the USA on the 3rd of August, well yeah youmet Mike and know about how screwed our immigration is! ugh but yeah staying there months or more!
hope ya doin good and will talk to you soon!
At 10:26 on April 9, 2009, Aych said…
Hey Paul, good to meet up with you and the boys; well appreciated the help. Am rolling around with a quarter pipe at the mo but it isn't what I need, any chances of grabbing those plans for the start ramp? more than happy to sort out the postage if they need to be posted and obviously a fitting contribution to funds...many many thanks aych (0411270918)
At 14:05 on February 7, 2009, Decent Hardware said…
Hey Paul!

Just seen your request, hope I hit the right buttons to accept!
Spent yesterday at school in the blazing sun putting on an ollie and slide show for the students and teaching them to roll my longboard, good times!
Meeting a friend today to hopefully get some financial backing so will be able to get back to Bali in April and concentrate on the shorts etc on the ground and get some REALLY Decent stuff out there! Starting to get more comfy with speed, hope to get to back to Oz for the November stuff and join in...
Peace and luck bro
At 16:12 on January 23, 2009,
Premium Member
How ya goin p.c,my phone died the other day,lost everyones numbers,got a new one now can u text me ya number,im keen 4 murrays mid week one cooler arvo,roads should be heaps quieter school back n all.might play on the corner side for a while.
At 16:46 on January 7, 2009,
Premium Member
headin to the space station on sat for some praco,got a seat if ya able to make it,headin off early so we can get home mid arvo.
At 9:21 on December 27, 2008,
Premium Member
Shame ya couldnt come to our little session yesday ,me n jase were neck n neck all day,were gunna go again before the 5th when we all go back to work,there should be a spare seat if ya can make it. Talk soon ....!
At 8:47 on December 27, 2008, riffraff said…
i couldn't rememember your name when i was speaking to jude telfer,so i was guessing.darren,nomes and,brett said in unison."thats PUNK IT".hope you had a great xmas and see you at the pumphouse.riffraff
At 13:39 on December 21, 2008, riffraff said…
hey paul,are you the dude(don't call me dude)that knows the telfers?if not please disregard.
At 20:55 on December 15, 2008,
Premium Member
thanks for the congrats man,Always fun to skate with ya,never thought i,d place higher than u in any disciplin.ya trik must be rubbin off on me!
At 0:16 on November 26, 2008, Decent Hardware said…
Hey Paul,

The pleasures mine! I am stoked that you and the boy's like my gear, by all means if you have any ideas for modifications or new products, let me know!

It was one of the highlights of my trip skating with Boomer and yourself that weekend. Never been so fast before!

Things are good now, been a tough year but have settled into Phuket pretty well, not much to skate but street skating at a covered car park every other night or so, could do with another slalom set up as I sold mine to Gazza.

Just started seeing a lovely 29 y/o teacher of South African birth with UK and German parents, bright, fun and HOT!
Things are looking up!
Looking forward to skating with you again
Peace and good luck from
At 10:18 on November 13, 2008, Fletch said…
Howdy paul, sorry for the long time to add, i didnt see the request thigo up the top. Congrats on you overall CC overall. Look forward to catching up next year.
At 21:16 on October 30, 2008,
Premium Member
Hi PC, Pretty quiet in CROSS country at the moment. The rew are heading up to Blue Mountains this weekendso we should see you there. At this stage dont know if any of us will begetting up to SOS 2008.
At 18:50 on October 28, 2008,
Premium Member
pc hey bro hows it going??
all's been well up here mate just been skating as much as i can and workin to keep the man of my back..i couldnt make it the conehead races this year cause the downhill scene ate up all my cash..i will be back next year though im saving already..its great to see all you guys are getting into downhill aswell..ive seen aa couple of the vids and you guys are ripping..i cant wait to get down and roll with everyone again..
cheers mate see you soon
At 21:00 on October 25, 2008,
Premium Member
pc, i am cleaning up my computer and found this, probably 2 years old and will probably bring a tear to your eye!
At 7:15 on September 25, 2008, DrBill said…
Paul Carery you farken slack martha. Join the catamaran group and we'll have enough nasty old bastards to get a quadmeringue pie in the farken oven (aaaargh emoticon).
At 20:35 on September 10, 2008, Gerkin said…
hey mam, yeh have to go for a roll again soon.. im guessin ur headn down for the conehead cup this wknd? was thinkn of headn down..
At 19:36 on September 8, 2008,
ASRA Admin
Welcome PC! Thanks for all the help with the start ramp for CC#2. See ya there!
At 14:17 on September 8, 2008, Brad NS said…
Hey you made it !! see ya soon mate !!


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