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Montreal Annual Push Race and Mac Attack

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The first Montreal Annual Push Race was on Saturday 18th. It was probably about 12°C outside, quite cold. Everyone met early in the morning, pumped to run across the city, with our crazy drivers and shitty pavement. 52 riders (4 girls) showed up, couple guys from Ontario and Alberta came as well. The start was given at 11:00am. The first part was fun, we went up a steep hill, and from there, it was downhill for the next 10-15 minutes. After the second check point though, it got harder. We pushed on flat for about 7 or 8km, a never ending bike lane. We got to the 3rd check point, then it was uphill a bit. We had to run around the Olympic Stadium and find our way in a crazy concrete jungle, stairs and slopes everywhere, looking for the 4th check point. From there, it was just flat pushing for the last 2 or 3 kms, giving all the energy we had.
1st: Paul Kent (Alberta) 2nd: Maxim Garant Rousseau (Quebec City) 3rd: Simon Benoit (Montreal) 4th: Jace Samikoz (Montreal) 5th: John Barnet (Ontario) 6th: Mikaël Bottreau (Montreal) 7th: Javier Palomino (Peru) 8th: Benoit Lavoie (Quebec City) 9th: Pascal "The Rockin Rookie" Jean 10th: Pierre-Michel Brown
Here are the complete results and a Excel file to compare the times of the 10 fastest boys.
Complete results:
Excel file:
It was an awesome race, 20km long. Finished it in 1:15minutes, fastest girl, won a Revenger board, stoked on the day.

During the afternoon, there was a big slide session. Everyone pulled out some awesome tricks. At night, we went riding Westmount, got kicked out by the security more often then ever before (I got kicked out 3 times, and so did everyone) and we all met at our local longboarder pub for a drink!!

Mac Attack was on Sunday 19th. We were all dead from the push race the day before. It was still a beautiful sunny day, probably on of the last we'll have before the winter!! There was 13 guys from Ontario, some others from Pennsylvania and all the locals as well. The course featured the worst cheese grater pavement, a right sweeper and a tight 90° left. I didn't enter the race, but did 15 runs or something during the day. Had a run against Julie, Ioana and Dasha (3 other girls). Dasah and me were leading, I was passing her by the inside in a corner, but our wheels touched and we went down together. So Julie won the girls race haha!
Luge podium:
1st: Olivier Filiatreault 2nd: Tim Koch 3rd: Pascal "The Rockin Rookie" Jean

Skateboard podium:
1st: Pascal "The Rockin Rookie" Jean 2nd: Niko Desmarais 3rd: Simon Benoit 4th: Sebastien Leger 5th: Benjamin Dubreuil 6th: Tim Koch 7th: Maxim Garant Rousseau 8th: John 101 from Ontario 9th: Javier Palomino form Peru

Thanks to Yann (push race) and Fred (street missile comps) for everything!!

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