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AGM 2015

Attending the AGM

The AGM will be webcast. To view it live, click here: You will be able to ask questions via the online Q&A tool. The AGM can also be watched on Youtube, with a 30-second delay.

AGM Agenda

  1. Open meeting.
  2. President welcomes members to AGM.
  3. Apologies for absence
  4. Present Minutes of 2013 AGM
  5. Present 2013 & 2014 Financial Statement
  6. Vote on Constitutional amendment
  7. Election of Office Bearers and Committee Members
  8. General business
  9. Meeting close

Proposed Constitutional Amendment

The current ASRA board proposes to amend the Constitution to allow for seven board members, instead of the current five.  This will be done by adding a treasurer and one committee member.  The amendments will be voted on as a single issue.

The proposed amendments are as follows:

1. Schedule 14(1)(b): delete and replace "2 ordinary members" with "3 ordinary members";

2. Schedule 14(2): amend to read as follows

"The office-bearers of the association are to be:

a) the president,

b) the vice-president,

c) the secretary, and

d) the treasurer"

3. Delete Schedule 16(4) and add a new Schedule 17 for the Treasurer to read as follows:

"The treasure must ensure:

a) that all money due to the association is collected and received and that all payments authorised by the association are made, and

b) that correct books and accounts are kept showing the financial affairs of the association, including full details of all receipts and expenditure connected with the activities of the association."


Nominations for all board positions have been received and they are therefore elected unopposed.  As such, there will be no voting at the AGM.

Voting at the AGM - No voting will be required (see above)

If voting for any of the Board positions is required, it will take place at this page: Voting will remain open for 48 hours after the AGM. Proxies are not permitted. Only financial ASRA members are eligible to vote.

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