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Alrighty folks... following the outrageously high standards of our pucks, we've just released some premium quality, organic Slippery Dips tees.


I have been wearing one for the past 2 days, and they are seriously rad. Easily the comfiest, best fitting, most stylish tee I own.


You will pickup wearing one of these.


You are also quite likely to have mega-loads of extra style and magical abilities whilst skating.


These are very limited edition at this stage.. so first in best dressed (literally)



Any questions, fire away below.


If you'd like a tee, either post below and I'll PM you, or email



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hey are these still avalable
Yes they are Tim. We have small, medium, and 1 large.

tim hills said:
hey are these still avalable
Any left Benny?
Yes there are about 8 left... be quick if ya keen!

are they still in

Yes there are a couple in SMALL and 1 in LARGE.

Nedly Kennel said:

are they still in

thanks and how much is postage???


Nedly Kennel said:

thanks and how much is postage???

kk thanks

Could I buy a small??

Hey Charles, we don't have any of these tees left, but do have some with a different design (new logo, same as my profile picture). Send an email to if you'd like one.

Charles Daley said:

Could I buy a small??



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