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what is illegal and legal for longboarding on the roads and why is it not an olympic sport and skateboarding is? someone please answer my question

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As for your second question, longboarding is skateboarding, which is not an Olympic sport as far as I know. Why? Big question. Lotsa politics involved in the Olympics. And what sort of skateboarding could or should be included? Downhill would be difficult cost most Olympic cities are flat. It would be like trying to include surfing in the Olympics.

thank you for that answer but if only it would be an olympic sport because then longboarding might get bigger and more people might want to be able to do it.


what @bugs said about the olympics is a good point.
i think x-games would be more suitable? we need more legal events, the council complain about us breaking the law. so i believe they should fund some legal events (close off roads etc).

yeah that would be alot more smart because that why no one would get fined or get caught breaking the law i recon that someone should go and talk to the council about this because i think it would be really good



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