ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

So you like a bit of Suicidal Tendencies??

Or were you into Leif Garrett?

Post up the songs that you loved or hated from years gone past. If you dont,.... I will!!

There is a box along side the video at youtube.
It says "Embed"
Well actually there are 2 boxes,.... one says URL, the other says Embed.
Just copy that and paste it here.

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I did!! hahahaaaa
couldnt find it Tim. :(

heres a classic my opinion awesome 80s skate track go whispering jack rare song
Im gonna embed that one for you too Andre!!
Just so you guys know,... when you are on youtube there is a box alongside the video that you can copy the embed code from!!
Its easy!! :)
Cool song btw Andre!!

This was in every late 80's skate movie, love it fIREHOSE!! (extra ASRA points for Mike Watt stickin with the flanno for 30 somethin years! apparently iggy made him take it off to join the stooges reuinion tho)
ha ha ha ha ha if I ever wanted a theme tune it was this SAD BUT TRUE AND OI F#@K OFF I CLAIMED IT FIRST it's mine all bloody mine
I have two more then thats it, its someone else's turn........this is pretty cool fired on the ipod and cranked up for a short little corer session.....try it in the carparks.....or go RETRO and have a ford transit van with a sound system in it banging out some very near stereo mash on level 3
one last one from me and one for the Pom's among us a bit of sham ha ha ha
Great songs Aych. :)
Heres another.
Kickass track by the DAMNED
Were they punk???..... or just good times rock n roll?



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