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Hey did you ride a banana board or a Hosoi Hammerhead??
Show us the stuff that rocked your socks.

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Yesterday, I delivered a set of museum piece Roller Skates to the HopShop for Robbo to put up. They are the earliest I have found. The skateboard truck we know and love is based on the design of the truck on these skates. They are precision pieces made by "SEIKO". I'll get some pics. 

Once upon a time (mid 60's) a hacksaw, hammer, drill, nails and a plank of timber would have seen this become a skateboard. This relica and it's left footed twin sister are now in Robbo's care. I guess this is what Seiko did when they weren't making watches. The torsion bar on the bottom is quite splendly sprung and the trucks are like those we see today.

check these nice boards guys....

there is the whole story on charliedontskate


Man those are awesome!

Im going to embed them rather than attaching them is that OK?

Link us to the story! :)

Cheers Matty. I tried to also put the story with it for the old school dudes here who may be interested.



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