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Does anyone know (preference is Victoria) what type of wood is the best wood to make a solid timber skateboard? Old Skool Style without the ply? cheers

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And where to buy? 

Oh no love! you're not alone will help you out :)

thanks Nato - they sell ply sheets and not solid timber - had a look at them this morning. Thanks again though!uncut-canadian-maple-veneer

Damn didn't think you meant that old school... go for some Tasmanian Oak like a Surfa Sam, depends where you live in Victoria if you are near Geelong check out they have awsome hardwood and sell small pieces. Nothing about the Bowie quote :(

These guys got flamed for dodge advertising on here but I think this is what you are after and they use different types of wood to give you an idea. I don't know about having trucks that are tacked on though...

thanks Nato - awesome insight bro.


There's stuff called Paulowina timber that is used to make old-school surfboards. I've never used the stuff before being a veneer man myself, but heard of it through one of the groups' members who was looking for hints on kite board making.
Check out the video at:

they're in 45 Governor Road, Mordialloc

but as Nato says - any good hardwood will suffice I reckon...



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