ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

tan tien complete 

-sabres (good condition)

-stimulus (new)


this board is structurally sound, just doesnt look new, so it will still achieve the same thing and you will save more than $100 !!




925 complete pretty close to new just a month or so old and with new grip tape

-red paris 180s bit scratched but fine

- can set up with stims, durians or 4 prez


also around 330 depending on wheel choice



prefer pick up in brisbane but will post


i live very close to the city





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Can i trade or buy yellow stims?
hey chad I'll come pick it up from you in west end if you will do it for 300
willing to trade apex 37 carbon with paris 150 and 3dm cambria's
will you split the deck?
ill take it for $330 pickup, where abouts in bris do you live?
Would you sell the trucks seperate?
ill buy the 4 prez and im in brisbane how much
why you selling them chad ? you just got them
wtf u just got ur 925

oi chad how much for just wheels


chad how much u want for just a set of trucks



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