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hey guys just clearing out some unridden stuff from the quiver, I would prefer to sell it local so wollongong and sydney crew get first dibs if there is any interest. 

It is a sk8kings axe 1 deck, best suited for tight slalom but with the right setup you could ride it for giant slalom at pumpstation. No structural damage just a few scratches to the graphics from everyday wear and tear. Looking for $60 for the axe 1 (the red board) 

The price is before postage (paid by you, I would prefer local pickup or I can possibly drop it off south of Sydney)

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how do bennetts go on the timeline compared to RKP trucks?
i like the dive they have, the turn isn't linear like rkp. they initially turn a lot into a carve, and this sharpness in the turn makes them better for pumping in my opinion (that might be difficult to explain, but they just feel more lively and twitchy). i had randal 180's on it to start with and enjoy the bennetts way more for getting around on flat ground and light downhill runs under 40km/hr

Hey man, I told you that I'd get into slalom one day..

I'll take the rts/rtx off your hands yew!

You can teach me how to wiggle.

ok cool, would you be able to work out shipping to brisbane for me?
postcode 4017. 

i got a killswitch from sydney and shipping for that was only $20 so i can't imagine it would be more than that :)


i'll give you 200+ shipping in your account today if your keen.



Haha I said no lowball offers, but since you are looking at shipping to Brisbane I can do it for $210 plus shipping. I'm at work right now but I can check shipping tomorrow and get back to you if you are still keen
ill take the pps deck and 106s if there not already gone..........Col....0418672600
Sorry col but Finn got in first on the trackers but the deck is yours I will message you later tonight

Bozac said:
Sorry col but Finn got in first on the trackers but the deck is yours I will message you later tonight

Ok sounds sweet :)

aha i figured most sellers would sacrifice some cash to have something sold straight away without all the screwing around.


I've added you, so i'll pm you adress and you can reply with bank details and stuff after tommorow.


Seeing as i'm already paying shipping, i'll give you 225+shipping if you throw in s9 wheels?

otherwise im happy with just deck and trucks :)

Thanks man 

yeah sounds good jack, i should probably point out since those pics don't show much detail that the wheels are narrower than they look. i just held them up against a otang 4 prez and the contact patch is about a cm narrower. I can throw up a pic if that sounds confusing, but here is a pic of them on the board when it had randals. you can tell the difference between them and the otangs on my hellcat
seems the only thing left is the sk8kings axe 1 deck

oh yeah i see.

yeah they should be allright; i might just put them on my dervish or something for surfy 180's where i don't lose speed and invest in some 78a zigzags for the timeline :)



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