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WTS Modified Apex37 + S8 Trucks + Lime Retro Freerides 80A 72mm


I have a modified Apex37 for sale, all that I changed on it was sanded off the graphic added another sheet of fibreglass and some carbon-fibre stringers for strength.

There is no splitting in the laminate and only a lil chip in the front from a collision with the guard rail at Noosa Hill Climb.

All in all if you want a good freeride deck with a bit of flex and enough stiffness I'd go this.

The S8 trucks come with white (heavy tension) and black springs (light tension) and only have a few cosmetic scratches, wave cams are still fine.

The wheels are literally new, barely a month old, they've only had one slide sesh on the rest was just chill so no coning, no flat spots but still well worn in.

Serviced regularly.

Few photos to show you anyway:





Will be taking REALISTIC offers.

Reason for selling: Need extra money for a custom shaped surfboard :)

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cheapest price for freerides man?

ill only split it up if i can sell each piece sorry man :/

but if i can ill probs sell them for $50 + shipping

Matt Ryan said:

cheapest price for freerides man?
ok cool, ill keep on eye on this thread then
is this the original apex 37 or the carbon model

The original, if it was carbon i wouldn't have stripped it down :P

but cause i've added extra fibreglass and a few bits of carbon its made it a lot stiffer than the orginial

Harry ONeill said:

is this the original apex 37 or the carbon model
if you were to split the deck how much?

just the deck by itself?

well i'd probably go maybe

$100+postage for deck

$60+postage for trucks with two sets of springs

and $50 for wheels.


$200+postage for complete.


you can offer too


if i can sell all of it in one go i will :)

complete 200 plus 10 post to tassie

dunno how much it would be to post it to tassie but ill gladly do it for $200 + postage

ill add you

Jay Harvey WANTS BUY A DVISH/EVO said:

complete 200 plus 10 post to tassie
im tempted cos i want a apex but i just got a vendetta and i dont have the money...
how much for the trucks?
as per say above, trucks will $60 plus postage if i can line up buyers for every piece :)



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