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hey all


gettin rid of some things that arent used much,


2010 Glyde stephen daddow praxxis, hardly used , great condition -$185


randall 180 50 degree baseplate- good nik , used since iv started , always taken care of and never had a problem with em-  $50


Bear pumpkin bushings orange duro- $15


DEAL- randalls with pumpkin bushings- $55


any interest give me a yell

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wats the lowest price youll go on the randalls?

whats the shipping price on those randalls to melbourne?

hey bro,

I'm interested in the praxis, pm me about postage and the payment

@joe- $45


@ tom- @$ 65


Jose Basilio Navarro said:

wats the lowest price youll go on the randalls?

if the randals havent been sold yet than ill take them for $55 with the bushings.

glyde board 170 inc ship to tassie



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