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WTS Earthwing Supermodel Complete, Belly Racer, Zigs,

Supermodel has bear 852s, 83a Lemon Zigs, Bones reds. Has a minor chip out of the back of the board, does not affect structural integrity at all. $200 +Postage.


Belly Racer- . This is a SICK top mount speed board, Only had it for a few months, paint is a tad flakey. Has a rad feeling concave. Check out silverfish if you want board stats. $130 +  Postage





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u in Brisbane cause if so i might get those wheels off you
If you spilt can the bears?
dude that makes no sense 

steve hardy said:
If you spilt can the bears?
No Im near Sydney. James Postage for just wheels would be like, $5.
Jordan what are you thinking of trading
um a apex 37 carbon + paris 150's and 3dm cambrias for the belly racer and big zigz
Nah sorry Jordan
what about just for the deck
If I can get buyers for all parts, then 120 for the deck, 40 wheels, 40 trucks.Or buy the whole thing and get a free set of bearings!
ahh no just wanted to trade
I'll take the tucks
Ok Steve, well if theres a buyer for the deck then the trucks are all yours



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