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need new grip tape

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Buy some then. There are 4 shops on the right ---->
want some custom tape hit me up jessup tape, fully hand cut! get some dope shit on your wood top!!

that grip is awsome wip ........

thanks blake nice to hear some feed back

yo wip u can only do those grip jobs with smooth grip ay ......u cant use gator or early or soemthing like that can ya

Is this a new low in grom clog?


Sweet designs by the way, Wip. Might hit you up once I have a leg again.

yeah wip that shit is real nice.....

Blake-  havent tried it with gator or early, but it is a larger grain so detail would be less.. ill give it a go tho see how it works out

Zano- cheers bro!

Dave R- what is grom clog?



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