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I'm 176cm tall and weight about 73kg, wear size 31 pants and M shirts, dont want to spend anymore than $300. Anyone got and 2nd hand ones that would fit me?

Any chance I can get some half decent new ones for that price?

Any other tips on sizing or brand choice?

I want something that is going to protect me well, no point skimping on protection.

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Anyone wear Dainese size 50? If so can you tell me your height, weight and build and if these are tight, loose or comfortable, please.
ive got a set that i might be selling if i get NJK's for newtons. I'm 180cm tall and weigh 74-75kg.
Hey man, I'm 176cm, 69-71kg. I'm wearing a very well worn in second hand Dainese one piece in size 52. Fits perfectly.
thanks Finn! yeah i was thinking i might be a size 50 to 52 in the Dainese. you reckon you could fit into a size smaller or stick with 52? there seems to be heaps of size 50's on ebay and not alot of 52's.
Size 30 pants seem to small and short, and 32s seem to big and long. These 52s fit perfectly in the leg, and come up over my shoulders just right. I have no idea what they were like new - they were really well worn in before I got them.

I'm not sure how much smaller the 50s are. I'm guessing because the suit is kind of fixed over your shoulders and in your crutch, after a good while tucking they'll stretch in the back panel and wear in pretty well, but as for the legs I think they'd be quite the ankle freezers.

Then again, there could be bugger all difference between the 50 and 52. And on the other hand, the 52s could have been ball tearers new and the previous owner went to great lengths to wear them in. For what my 2 cents are worth, my 52s fit perfectly and comparing our builds I'd suggest 52s if you can get your hands on some.
Yeah we'd be a very similar build, same with me re: the size 30's and 32's, never know what size shorts/pants to get if they dont have 31's.

Thanks heaps for that Finn, I think I'll wait until I can get a size 52 or first try on some size 50's before buying them, better slightly loose than uncomfortably tight.

Cheers mate, that's exactly what I wanted to know.
Glad to be of help mate. See you on the hill soon!
Gday mate,

Try moto leathers on the gold coast $399.00 new and they will help with sizing or try Storm leathers they to are very helpful and reasonably priced.

look on ebay, brand new, many different ones to choose from!



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