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anyone got any spare grip tape they wuld like to sell. must be one clean sheet. must be in bris

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skate shop bro, of all the things you CAN get 2nd hand, its not grip
i need it asap and therefore cannot wait on shipping which is why i want someone in bris that has a sheet and will sell it asap. i didnt mean 2nd hand i want it to be new

go to a brisbane skateshop then...


useless thread

skate biz brooo
either way very very VERY few peeps keep random full rolls of grip lyin round, like you they buy it when they need it. id you are super mega desperate walk into a skate/surf store and grab a 12 dollar sheet. then order some gator.

for epic serious who else but a skate shop can help this homie out?
Yeah I got some Gator, but you aint gonna get it any quicker than if you ordered it from Hopkin or Creative Skate

i have some sheets if your after some in bris only 5 a sheet


pearso skatebiz grip tape is shit
well its what chad has so it must be good...
I'll sell you some double sided tape
fuck you all just bought some mini logo
Cool story bro.....could no on else please comment on this



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