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I think most people on here will be familiar with the kids show Totally Wild. 

Today they went longboarding! lol. they were out with a crew from SA. I will try and find a link to the episode, its a laugh.



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Agreed. So much of that mega ramp footage was switch too.

Mike River said


Here the bob Burnquist section from Extremely sorry, most incredible bit of skate film ever He accelerates up to and exceeding 60kmh on that ramp....

Well that was a let down. 
my brothers year 10 friends would have done a better job :/
so true, pretty gay, but is gay worse than *we're out to make your cars explode?*

Jacko said:

who were those kooks they got to do this segment? i rekon she was as good as them, and she only just started that day...


pretty shit house if you ask me, they made longboarding look... gay

That was insane! Trick at 2:27 completely blew my mind.
wow.. that was totally wild !


I have never seen or heard these guys before. shithouse.

That was really painful to watch. I had to stop.

BUT, the little kids watching this will be impressed nonetheless (small children are VERY easy to impress), so even watching a bunch of stinkbugging rank amateurs will give them a certain amount of stoke for longboarding. Also bear in mind that TW wouldn't want to show something that kids will think is far too difficult or dangerous for them to ever think about doing.
I show Kyle Chin:Let Go to high school students fairly often and while they're impressed, a lot of them are kind of freaked out by it.

YEah exactly its for Kids TV. and kids these days dont pay any attention, and even if they do they would rather choose a mini scooter cos 'skateboarding is heaps difficult'.. ah well. They got a girl to ride a skateboard, which is always a good thing in my opinion. Not enough girls on skateboards.

" you need balance and coordination " whatever they're doing takes about 3 minutes to get a hold of. and pfft, stinkbug LOL

HAHA When you want to do downhill longboarding, You want to carving from side to side AHAHAHA.
which tuck is best for dancing?
Fuck that was gay.

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