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Hey guys, 

recently me and a few other mates have been hitting up the local hills around the Gold Coast, for some freeriding to light downhilling, we usually don't hit speeds much above 50km/hr and the average is probably around 30-40km/hr.. at least my GPS says so.

I have two very different boards, soon to be three, one which I use for cruising and sidewalk surfing basically as well as hitting up some enbankments etc.

I then have my freeride/slide board which I use for.. well.. freeriding.

So what I'm getting at is, if you feel like you wanna meet up with us and go do some light downhilling in a pack, or just cruise through surfers in a big group let me know.

Hit me up on 0408418674. Call or text.

We are always keen to skate!

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Saturday come for a skate

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