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hey i wanted to share some spots and ask for some as well. While riding I have found a few spots...epping is sweet for downhill and freeriding...i also suggest macquarie uni carparks on a weekend. seeing as they are empty it makes for a fun ride :) ive also checked out the botanic gardens, and its good (just dont get spotted) 


-------now im looking to ride with some mates soon but im trying to get some spots to go. wondering if anyone has some suggestions. preferably on the north shore...chatswood lane cove st leonards epping north ryde north sydney artarmon. i can get a train easy but im still not good with buses and never will be good with them. any suggestions would be great :D



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lane cove national park is pretty sweet to come down. each way you go is fast but its a bit of a push :)
lane cove national park is a sweet little hill, but make sure you go early morning before the gates open to cars, as you need to cut a corner to get through it. much safer. there are heaps of videos on here of the hill if you want to check it out.
Hey dude im in epping. Add me and we will go for  skate. Ill show you some spots, as aleski said the sweepers pretty good, Im even in the video :O Epicness.

just an update for kicked out of mac uni on wednesday so that is not a good spot during the week...must say that there is nobody there on a weekend

james how old are you? im to get some spots...might bring a friend with me...tell me when your free and where we'll go...ill be open next weekend and basically all weekends after...sundays are no good just so you know so it has to be saturdays

Dude im 14 turning 15 so it shud be sweet but age doesnt really matter on asra. I skate with man-groms. Anyway yeah next weekend sounds cool, Can you downhill or you better at freeride?

i can dh but idk ill try most things and give them a go...i cant do standup slides but i got coleman and pushup slides pretty much mastered


so ill try most things...facebook?

its all about beecroft bro! mad slide tjunction near my place!

dude the suburb im in, greenwich, has actually got some really sweet hills. a bunch of runs r longish and mellow with some steeper bits and and a surface perfect for laying down some thane. also got a nice single lane alley and the main road is really good except for the cars haha some north shore kids r starting to hit it now, but besides that not alot of shredding goes on. its really easy to get to, get off at wollstonecraft station (1 after st leonards) and u end up rite in the middle. ad me and let me no if u come dow.. james have to bring u down here to! haha

Dude dylan, uve been hitting up my primary school ahahah and nth epping is pretty sweet, And where Mojo is, EVEN though its cheltenham NOT beecroft. We need a epping/chelt sesh happening soon. not this weekend weekend after maybe?

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