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Ive like messed up the screws on my board (dont have a clue how), but now i cant loosen the nut to switch the trucks.

Its hard to explain, but how can i get them off? they are too tight, and the skate tool little thing cant actually lock into the star of the screw. Any ideas?

Sounds really grommy, but yer help me out.

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Good luck trying to lock vice grips onto the end head of a panhead screw. Don't know why people bother...

didn't quite look like a panhead to me..... agreed though, if it is a panhead you will have to drill it

The drill idea dosent work, like it just wont go through the bolt.

drilling it should work, either you aren't pushing hard enough, you drill bit is blunt or your drill is in reverse..... if you can't do it you might be able to hacksaw through the nut and bolt instead, you might scratch up your baseplate though

There isnt a gap that i can hacksaw through anyway..
even if you take the hanger off ????
What do you mean? like do you mean trying to get the nut off?
use a hacksaw to carefully cut the head of the screw in line with the one line of the star, gently cut a straight line across it about 1mm deep then just use a large flat blade screwdriver. btw the star is known as Phillips. Hence the use of a phillips screwdriver. all the options abovementioned are good ideas just experiment and see what u are most comfortable doing.
take the hanger off the baseplate then you should be able to get to the nut with a hacksaw,  if you can't do it I am out of ideas, will have to leave those trucks on until someone in your area who has some skill with tools can fix it for you
Im just gonna try to hacksaw the shit out of the nut, haha i got spares :)
Wait,  so with the drill, i just need to drill straight into the middle of the star?
you got it

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