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Skaters Request for Caution Signs Sets Off Firestorm of Debate

Slow, children at play. Caution, kangaroo crossing. Yield to aged pedestrians. Slow down, men at work. All are road signs that may be found in various locations across the globe and if a group of downhill skaters in Australia have their way, there will be one more sign appearing soon. Only this sign will warn motorists that downhill skateboarders may be skating in the area. Read on for a few more details:

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Just keep on doing it.  Talk to the residents who like it and let them know that the police think different so next time, you can guide the officers to their door and they can try and be told some common sense

Alexander said:

i got told off by the police for doing that they said it distracts driver attention from driving and more attention to skaters...well why the F**K do you think i put the signs up for? they made me pull the 3 we had up and ordered off the road. I have never had any complaints from anyone about skating that hill people say its good we have signs up.
Adrian Alderson said:

Do what we do and put your own up when you are riding. That way when motorists see it they know there are skaters on the road. If it is there all the time and you aren't it'll be a bit like crying wolf and noone will take any notice.

I think bliss longboards made safety signs that fold out and say "caution downhill skating in progress" which would be good due to being portable

Many drivers are unaware of anything. Most drivers dont even read signs.

+most people are fkwits

Ahaha, so true.  Every day I think that. Rude, selfish and ignorant.  There are still some good people out there though.  Had one guy chill a couple of meters behind me and just watch from his car, then gave me a wave at the bottom as he drove off.  Nice man.

Tom Radinski said:

+most people are fkwits

And then, for anyone that isn't paying attention and wipes out a skater the defence could be "But there was no warning sign" and if there's signs up elsewhere, some smart lawyer could build a defense on that.

I don't think it's a great idea for that reason - sets a precedent I'm not sure we want to set. Making and bringing your own signs is the way to go if you ask me.

Or just get dialled so you don't need to. Or just deal with the fact that standing on a small plank of wood at high speed in traffic is inherently dangerous....

Mike River said:

Many drivers are unaware of anything. Most drivers dont even read signs.

"roads were built for cars and nothing else"... I see signs for push bikes on roads all the time, even TV add's telling me to share the road. In country areas and even some metro areas there are even signs telling you that there are horses on the road. Council members Australia wide seem to be lacking more and more common sense every time they speak on an issue...

Yep, it was the Romans who first built proper roads, around 2,000 years ago, and there weren't too many cars then. And then it was the late 1800s when cyclists where the lobby group responsible for getting the roads paved. People in cars are the johnny-come-latelies, and they've developed an incredible sense of entitlement, and yet it's them that kill everybody else - hundreds every years, where skateboarders and cyclists kill approximately zero per year.

Who's really being dangerous?

Right on Bugs!

As far as danger on the roads goes, its basically a question of mass. Trucks are the most dangerous, and I bet there are statistics that prove this. The greater the mass and momentum, the more damage can be done by the vehicle in an accident. It goes down a scale of weight, so trucks, light trucks, 4wds, sedans, small cars, motorbikes, cyclists,.....and then the lightest of all road users, skateboarders.

In a question about who wins in a collision, we lose to anything heavier.

In a question of greenest form of transport, Id say we win. Push don't pollute. Use gravity as your source of energy, its free and naturally occurring.

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