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Skateboarder wanted for a film shoot tomorrow (3.30pm)

Here's the deal, a big media company near the Hopshop needs to film a skateboarder going down an alley/road, maybe do a bit of a speed check or stand up etc.

They are looking for someone that is a bit scruffy, maybe longish hair. Age range is 18 or 19 or early twenties. (Bruiser in a wig doesn't count)

You have to be 18 years or older. If you are under 18 (16 or 17) and are accompanied by your parent that can sign a consent/release form, that might pass (my speculation). They would prefer 18 years or older.

You have to be at the Hopshop at 3:30pm tomorrow. The director will come in and pick some skaters, if there is more than a few. They might even use more than one skater.  The shoot is 50 metres up the road. If you know the area, you'll know the road they are shooting on and the media company's big office block is on the corner of that road. 

Shoot will not go for long, it is not a big production, just something they need to get on film.

Normally one of the Racing team would get the gig (think Gabe) but they are heading to Tasmania tomorrow for the weekend Zig race.

If you coming in tomorrow, post up so we know if skaters are going to show.

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Top gear, rad! 

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