ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Check out my music download in lossless format! (mp3 is not real sound)
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Music composed and produced by me- Mike River (Cult Wheels desginer) Art work and words devised by Mikey Johnson AKA Longy AKA TheLongboard Buddha (some older fellas will know who that is)


Shamelss self promotion over, normal service is resumed. thankyou.

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you're a horrible man

I thought I would just jump in on this promotion here...


buy my album, I need money to race next year!

Some epic shit right there skittles.

Cheers dude, all recorded in one day... such a long session!

My music moving up in the Triple J unearthed electronic charts, Up one place from last week, in at no 17 its Warriors! (I shoulda been a radio DJ...)


Go to my bandcamp and buy my album, I need money to buy food!

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