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Need to sell the board before BTB,

The board is in a pretty good condition, The tails have both been rammed but in good condition, No structural damage, Just splits in top layer of glass.

Will post or pick-up, If picked up, can do for 110. Board is also 1 year old.

RE USING AN OLD THREAD, so go to last page :P

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ok.. ill consider it man ;) ill get back to ya soon

Ashley Armitage said:
The condition of the board is pretty good. The scratches on the bottom are cosmetic and the nose, it has some marine glue on it from nose guards that fell off. No structural damage really.

MiTcH said:
;) anyone want it now?
I have a freind that is 6"1 and he is looking to buy a demonseed. I'll talk to himt omorrow and see when he can get the money. Good chance he will I'll check back with you tomorrow
yeah very interested ay. with the noses been rammed it looks like in the photo that they have stress splits
ok kelly, ill pm you when im back home from work with payment details. I finish at 9 and at school right now. Cheers Dude. Did ya wanna pick up from me, or posted?



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