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Hey guys, so about that movie. jack glenn dropped me this link.

and it got me thinkin, they seem to use that matrix style technique, where they have a rig of x (in this case 30) go-pro cameras.

and when the surfer hits a sweetspot. the focal point of the camera concave, they stitch together the frames from each of the cameras and as you can see the effect is INTENSE.

i dont even have one go-pro. but maybe we could get some mondo crowd sourced group effort going on, and put out a similar thing?

watch'yall think?

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dont really understand any of the stuff you said, but matrix is rad as so sounds cool

rigs like that were used in ken blocks latest gymkhana video too, looks great!


on another note anyone who is remotely interested in surfing / bigwave surfing should checkout the link to special order shippies on the tail of that vid, some fresh and full on footage from shipsterns bluff.

this could actually work if someone was keen enough to make it happen. would be good at an event like 'beat the bastard', just hand over your gopro at the beginning of the weekend, get it back at end.

totally gonna dive into this after exams

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