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You know the drill...

Rayne Vandetta, Bears, Orangatang Yellow Stimulus....

All very close too brand new.... Need money for new leathers for Newtons.

Asking $350 complete, will not splitt!

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hey Pooley some people just cant read ey...

Timothy Shu said:
Hi Scott, trying to get my mate on this since he needs a longboard since he's simply needs one to start learning.
Main holdup is the price, anychance of a pricedrop?

how much does he want it for?
Information on the bearings? HAH! What bearings would cause you not to buy the board?
bloody ryry..

Scott Poole said:
holy fuck, stop bombing this post about the bushings and bearings, no idea what the bushings are and the bearings are bones reds.... your all reminding me of bloody ry ry!

just buy the board....

Cal vanders said:

mate if your read what i said... it says need money for leathers...
im interested in this board if its still up for sale

Andrew Tse said:
im interested in this board if its still up for sale

Still up for sale mate!
yea kinda intereasted tell me a bit more like how long you beeb ridding it
only have ridden it like 5 times at tops, bloody great board, nothing wrong with it, just need money for lethers...
sort of odd question, but how much does the whole board setup weigh?



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