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Hey everyone, name's Joel.

I hope this doesn't go against forum rules by promoting another group here, but:

Us in Perth have felt a loss of the longboarding scene in the last couple of years, so we've put together a group on Facebook called Perth Longboarding Society, which you can join here:

We organise unofficial events and meetups for longboarders in Perth who are looking for others to skate with. We also try to cater to all styles and skill levels. We've had events ranging from a downhill bomb on the wide-ass ocean reef road, to just casual cruises through the city.

We got 25+ people rocking up to our most recent carpark day, and are just hoping to keep the stoke growing from there. Hoping once we really get numbers up, to start getting more official and blocking off roads and such.

Anyway that's us. If you're a Perth skater and haven't had a decent group to skate with in a while, feel free to come on down, hopefully we'll see you at the next event!

Cheers guys,

Joel Kanagalingam

Perth Longboarding Society

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