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hello guys i'm looking for an aero lid for an art project dosn't matter what condition the more battered the better willing to pay up to 200? 

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i got a chipped charlie that ill sell you for art,..wouldnt want you to wear it tho.....$100,.the rest of the helmet is brand new,just chipped bad at back of head.

ask luca if he'll sell you his predator he broke at keira

no definitly not wearing it wanting to take to it with a airbrush and make it look snazzy thanks for the offers guys but i'm looking for something like an old risch something along them lines thanks anyway

if your looking for an old aero helmet i would suggest offering more than $200! you probs dont have any idea how much those helmets are worth. ive got an old one and if i wanted to sell it i wouldnt let it go for less than $400, mainly due to sentimental value and also the fact that its an expensive helmet to start with

Jacko you have a point i need to be more clearer i'm looking for an extremely old helmet i do not care about how it looks i'm not looking for a rosemary's baby i only want the shell...

Considered knocking one up out of fiber glass or something if you don't need it in working order? Could probably do that for around $200 if you get creative...

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