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anyone that has ridden the niko buzzed trucks, are they any good for half freeriding half downhill? i know that they are a very stable truck for downhill but i havent been able to find much about how they are fo freeriding?

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what is haf free riding half downhill? is that where you have 35 degree trucks, 80mm 78a wheels on the left side of your board with 50 degrees trucks and 70mm 83a wheels on the right side of your board?

Nah Jacko, it's where you ride that magical setup that is THE BEST BOARD/WHEELS/TRUCKS FOR DOWNILL AND FREERIDE. You know - the setup that only exists in the minds of groms.


If buzzed trucks turn, they can be used for freeriding. Your style of riding will determine which trucks will work for you.  

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