ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Some of you probs remember merricks post on Nike chosen from a month ago. If you don't check it out on youtube. the videos are sick 
Here is the invite and explanation one but the other ones are equally sick. Just heaps of skill filmed at night time.
Contest Invite:

Anyway, i noticed that atleast one Australian longboarding group has made a sick video for the comp.
It's the same guys that were featured in loaded newsletter twice for a couple of their vids.

Anyway here is there video but if you follow all the links and whatnot and promote the video by liking/posting and generally getting it lots of publicity over the net. Having longboarders win something like this would be awesome for getting the sport more recognized around the world.  

Follow the actual youtube link so you can see it on youtube and read the description to vote for the video.



EDIT: Pretty sure i made it clear but this is not my video. I just saw it on youtube.

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