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Yep, only 13 weeks to Newton's Nation, no one knows how much public tickets will be as there is still no band line up, no news on on when rego will open or how much to register and no answers to requests for information.

Last year was a pretty good year, the festival sucked as far as marketing was concerned and that looks like repeating itself. With rumours of a North American race in place of Kierra as that is still "tentative" and no news from anyone, ASRA, IGSA, Newton's Nation, with anything definite what sort of year are we in for this year?

It has to be a nightmare for Internationals, some of whom we have spoken to, who are now not sure when or if to buy flights and for the first race of the season in the Worlds I hope more of them do not decide to miss it.

Anyone able to enlighten us with anything definate, that doesn't envolve "waiting for..." "maybe" or "very soon" ?

I'd like to race this year and also provide the Sports Therapy package for everyone but as a business 13 weeks is cutting it bloody fine for information to be released on soemthing that has had a date for months.


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im waiting for an email back from the people who run newtons itself asking for the prices of entry fees, rego fees etc.

Hasn't Marcus left IGSA? Is that the problem?

Marcus hasn't left, he has just had a baby so is staying in the states for work and family. His places will be taken by the Kinnishes for international events and he is still on par with the US events. To late to book tickets now...

if all else fails... i'll throw a race that weekend!!!

The igsa removed the *tentative* from it last week. It's weird that it's only 3 months out and NOTHING has been said about either of our world cup events. The organisers are going to have a crazy rush to get everything sorted in time.

Here's Bug's reply from the So.... Keira? thread on 3rd December

Bugs said:

I have the truth, and it's that what you have heard is indeed the plan. ASRA met with the council and some other stakeholders again yesterday, and it's all on track. We're inches away from being able to formally announce it. But not there yet.

I can tell you there has been a lot of work going on regarding Newtons and Mt Kiera.

The organisation for Newtons started immediately after 2010 event. There have been some major organisational and festival changes that I can not get into and it is not really my place to comment on. BUT it is all good. If anything, ASRA and Downhill are more the focus this year. The promoters are working very closely with ASRA and Hopkin Racing. The promoters of Newtons are 100 metres away from the Hopshop. I have had three major meetings with them in 10 days.

They have reworked Newtons, learning from their past mistakes. For the show to go on, they realise there has to be more corporate involvement, they can not rely on ticket sales alone. This has been where they have been putting in the work.

There is also a new joint venture partner that should be announced soon.

Newtons tickets, pricing and more details will be released soon.

Mount Kiera announcements from ASRA is happening soon. All the information pages has been done, they are online but are private until formal announcements dates.

Newtons will not be half hearted this year. Some really exciting developments are in the works. The festival design has been improved, easier to see everything. Dates have been changed to the end of April so University students are in town (never happened before). Staging area is different. There will be a more realistic range of ticketing. Meals and drinks will be better and more reasonable. They are talking about discounted tickets for competitor guests. Bus shuttles to town. All camping will be on the mountain. They have also booked out Goldfields, so there will be alternative accommodation there. 


I'll find out about what you need to do to get a therapy package happening.


Newtons will be on 27th to 29th April.

Mt Keira is the week before.

Do what you have to do be get there. Take holidays from school/Uni/Work. Book airfares/bus tickets.

One thing has not changed - Newtons is the best weekend of the year. And ASRA are adding Mt Keira to extend the madness and fun.

fuck yeah Hop, its gonna be a killer year for racing Australia, thanks for all the hard work ASRA and making this happen, 2 IGSA races in 2 weeks, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww, cant ask for much more then that!!!

Hop said:

I can tell you there has been a lot of work going on regarding Newtons and Mt Kiera.


@HOP - do you have any definate announcement dates? The whole point of this thread is a request for solid information.

In the past rego has opened 3 months prior to the events, currently there is no official information about either event.

gee it must be nice to sit back and have organisers do all the work for you... 

its happening, behind the scene's its in full overtime swing mode.

the timing of Keira announcements isn't the best, but as previously explained it was caught up in council bureaucracy and beyond ASRA's control. - Newtons festival and race dates have been confirmed for a long time now. I doubt international skaters will need to wait for a definiate confirmation to come an extra week early for a possible Keira race before they book their plane tickets. 

By the way, the rumoured "North-american-half-assed-possibly-invite-only-tagged-onto-the-back-of-a-bike-race" race also hasn't been confirmed or announced either...  

I've offered my help in the past and it wasn't taken up.... what can you do in that situation?! So yes, it is nice sitting back here and wondering what is happening...... 

Im looking forward to the Keira event as much as anyone, and wanted to know when I'd hear something definate. I ask this so I can budget for it, acquire new wheels, organise family stuff and get time off work etc etc. Simple request really, Im sure you can see where Im coming from with the personal logistics angle.

In that case, can't wait to see you there!

Will BTB be held the weekend after newtons nation?

Sure will, we are one signature away from announcing and the Sargent has told me he will be recommending the Inspector approve it. We are hoping for word tomorrow.

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