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Hey everyone!

Im new to sydney and Im looking for some new girl and guy longboarders to hang out with!  ive just moved to sydney from london about a month ago and had to sell ( along with lots of other things!) my loaded pintail longboard, now ive arrived here i want to invest in a new one and start doing some carving around sydney! Im no expert by any means and have just done some carving about london before with the london longboarders group ( off facebook) but would love to get into sliding, downhill perhaps ( when i learn to keep my nerve!) and obviously would love to meet up some with some new people!

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Hey Bec, welcome to ASRA and Oz. where are you staying in Sydney? Tell me its not Bondi!

There is a big girls crew that emanates out of Hopkin Skate in St Leonards. My sister Lea and another girl Maga work there and push the whole girls scene in Australia but particularly in Sydney. A lot of inner city skating happens on most weeks.

hey robbo! thanks for getting back to me! Im staying in surryhills at the moment but maybe potentially my partner and I might be moving to bondi at some point to try living at the beach but im not sure... i need to be convinced at the moment! O.k wicked... its seem st leonards is quite a way from me...

do you know if they do anything closer in the city?

St leonards is not that far maybe 15mins on the train from central or redfern station depending on where in Surryhills you are at. My personal opinion is surryhills is a much better place to live than Bondi. I live in darlington and Lea lives in Newtown which if you are not aware is about 5-10 mins skate from SurryHills. Maybe you should bring yourself and your partner around our way for a beer and we can fill you in on whats going on. A couple nights a week we generally hit the inner city for a roll

give me a call if you need to 0415358399

Hellooo  Rebecca, Welcome to Sydney =]

I like to cruise around CBD area, Sometimes at night time. I'm not a pro at sliding, I mainly like to crave hills and dancing on longboard. I like meeting people and learn new things, maybe sometime your partner and you could ride around CBD area :)

0430 390 108, Chau Yeahh boii thats how you can contact the girls ...they usually meet up at the Hopshop

Hey i live in Newtown and I pretty much just started long boarding. There are a few nice places to learn slides in sydney park and around newtown. I go there with a mate who also just started every now and then during the week. 

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