ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Who is interested in this form of skating.?
What is the furthest you have skated in one session.?
What is your setup for distance skateing.?
Do you push or pump.?
My best efort sofar is 50km on a sector9 trilam 180randals 73mm75a siesmics.
It took 3hrs half headwind half tailwind 80%pumping 20%pushing.

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did you catch up with this guy?

we missed him coming into Sydney! dammit that would of been interesting to speak to him about the trip...

nathan said:
this guy is comin through my town tomorrow, i might go and try to catch up with him, skating the east coast
haggy said:
only three riders registered so far. that's pretty good odds so far!

hmm. Haring rumours that paul kent (current 24 hour distance recored holder/ rayne rider/ longtreksondecks explorer/ skatefurther forum member) is attending.

10 grand will pay for a few more trips im sure.

Hi All - i'm new to flatland pumping and currently using a Rayne Timeline, Paris 180s. front 50* wedged another 5* with blue Riptide 83a bushings.   Rear Prandal (35*dewedged another 5* with green Sabre 93a bushings.   Wheels are Otangs 4Pres 70mm/80a.  The setup pumps reasonably well although I know it's not the traditional Bennett Vector/Tracker set-up.  I was wondering if anyone in this forum can tell me how a Roe Mermaid or LBL Walkabout would compare to my Timeline.  Thanks in advance !   

Skated from 1 suburb to another.

Shit was intense.

i skated down this hill it must have been a hundred meters that took ages.....

@ Paul : for a dedicated pumping board you are on the right track playing with wedging/ de-wedging/ soft + hard bushing combos etc. A Timeline with 180mm trucks is gonna feel a lot different pumping to a Mermaid/ Walkabout/ Pulse with bennets and trackers (though I MUCH prefer Seismics over almost any other rear truck; personally I don't like Trackers at all), but at least by playing with the cheaper components (as you have already) you can get a feel for what a dedicated pumping setup feels like.

A lot of it comes down to style and feel. A timeline with wide trucks (to me at least) is more of a "carvey" pump whereas a Mermaid etc with narrower trucks is more of a "wiggley" pump. The nose on the dedicated pumpers is really wide so you can ride with your front foot right over the front truck, where as a timeline is a bit narrower up front, and the board is a bit shorter than LDP boards which means you are both further back on the deck and have a much more even stance over front and back trucks.

I see you have found Pavedwave.... there is a lot on there that will help you. 

Thanks Odiwan !  Yup, been a lurker on pavedwave for a while.  I saw your youtube clip - it's great.  The mermaid looks like a sensational board.  Any thoughts on Virage trucks?       

I have a mermaid with virage ldp trucks. Without doubt the perfect setup. 

I have retired my mermaid for the moment, just not using it as i should, the virage trucks are on my slalom. Perfect. 


im not sure how far, but from bella vista in the hills district along the m7 to liverpool.

Thanks Nat.  Mermaid + Virage looks like a great combo.  

Thats a solid effort. i regulary go for three and four hour skates around town but it aint no fifty ks of pumping. im moving back to vic soon would be definitly keen on going on a big distance criuse in melbn for sure :-)

Anybody interested in skating marathon races? I did my first in the Netherlands and was hoping I could continue it here :) Also interested to meet some more distance skaters! 

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