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ok not really looking for "tell him they're stupid" replies but I need a global type of reply to a question most skating parents are going to get, "Why isn't he wearing a helmet?"
There are a lot of great sk8 movies and vids out there that we are censoring from our 4 and 2 1/2 year old because we are instilling the whole helmet and pads thing.
"they have been skating longer and know what they are doing" doesn't work as we all know we film and show our stacks.....and then there is the fact that most skaters where helmets for some disciplines and not others....short boarding doesn't count sponsors are still happy slapping them in magazines with no helmets.......
We are never going to get everybody to wear helmets and when we are out our 4 year old actually does ask the skaters in question who usually just stare at him without an answer.
So what do we tell the kids, folks? and remember we could be talking about you at sometime!!

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its not on if its not on!
At the end of the day it is a personal choice weather or not someone chooses to wear a helmet. You can tell them until you are blue in the face but you cant force them too. Except for you because your a dad :P

Maybe the skaters without the helmets are not aware of the dangers. Perhaps they haven't had any friends do any damage to themselves because of the lack of lid and seeing as none of the others wear helmets it may not have crossed their mind (Probably utter crap but might work on a 4 year old). He is lucky to have a dad who is aware of the dangers so he wont have to learn the hard way.

I I believe that my head is worth 60bucks. You believe that your sons head is worth 60 and your own is worth 60. People without helmets obviously don't think their heads are worth anything.

At the end of the day it's like any other issue. People still drive without seatbelts though we know it's safer to wear one. You would probably find similar excuses for not wearing a seatbelt and not wearing a helmet. They still talk on the phone and drive although we know it's safer not to. People still smoke cigarettes though we know it's safer not to. The list would go on and on. drugs, booze, licking raw chicken...

You can't censor him forever the same as you cant censor him from cigarette smokers or chicken lickers. You could try telling him that back when that photo was taken or that video was made, helmets weren't cool like they are now. That may send the wrong message that he is only wearing it because it's cool and not for the safety aspect. Or you could even try the ''helmets weren't invented yet''. He's only 4, he wont know. If not that what about sponsorship bribery. You could say ''skate shops will look at riders with helmets before they sponsor one without so keep your lid on and you might get picked up by Hopkins one day''

I am really bad with kid's ages and have no idea of the level of speech a 4 year old is capable of.

Good luck!

Good luck!
Sinc being introduced to the forum i've been so many stories, photos and videos. They all mention something about a helmet, and how it would or help and or did. The best way is to educate by showing the result of no wearing since they have a far deeper impact. Bought my first helmet today and wont be bombing hills when i get my board on monday till the helmet arrives.

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