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Is it possible to train leg muscles for longboarding?

hi guys,


Possible? train legs for longboarding and better balance? 



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Of course ma horse, possible to train for anything. Skating is the best way to train the legs for skating as it works on those muscles that you use. Bouldering or climbing is another good way to do that as well as squats and leg presses at the gym.


For Balance (and also the legs), there are things that can improve that too. Of course skating is one of them. Slacklining is a good way to improve all round balance, also very good for your leg muscles especially once your moves start getting a little more advanced. Super fun too. Indo board is another way, haven't used them to much but you can bet your little booties I will be on one during the Finnish winter. Again, really good for those leg and core muscles. 


Balance on anything you find. Fences on the walk to school or work, those chains between posts they put around playgrounds and what not. Stair hand rails, fire hydrants and whatever else you can find. Stand on it all and once your comfortable standing on shit then start bending at the knees and to lower yourself into a squat and then back up. Preferably on one leg but two if need be. Tuck on stuff you balance on too.

lol alright

O... That was Dani writing that on Julias account.

Buy or make yourself an Indo board, put it in the kitchen, or your bedroom - somewhere where you'll walk past it all the time. Get good at it, get good switch. So good.

indo board is hell steezy bro. i love mine. great for injuries too.

lol indo board is like boarding at home haha

here is a link to save you wasting money on buying an indo board: Gabe's DIY indo board

Indo Board for Satan




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