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I need your help, it will involve glory on my part and sitting on yours (you may even get paid)

Hi my name is Jacob, i work at and post most of the stuff that comes from Goodtime and i need your help.  

I've got a uni assignment coming up (due next week) and i need to shoot some portraits of riders with wounds, the more gnar the better.  If you've got a cast or sling on (an xray could be good too) i'd love to get in contact with you.  If you've got a sweet graze (the fresher the better) i'd also like to get in contact with you..  

What i request is a 30 minutes of your time, i'll come to you (noosa to coolangatta) and all you've gotta do is sit there.

We'll discuss payment once i've got everyone i need to shoot locked in, i'm broke but equally desperate, plus it'll be a sick series of photos so i'm willing to pay.

PM me on here if you can help me out.  

There's conceptual motives behind this, it's not just a display of bad injuries.



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Another offer here to use my x-rays and busted--leg shot on my profile if it's any use, but being in Sydney can't help with portraits I'm afraid.

you win mate :)

Rob Mcwhinnie said:

yep bro, i live in byron and have some fucked up xrays and a day glow cast on my leg + i look like shit, havnt shaved for weeks or bathed for longer, puss is pouring out of my cast when i stand up, and im shore theres a family of geckos living in there too. out of work and need some glory.


thanks to everyone that tried to help me out, ended up going down a slightly different, more accesible route and all is good.  tutor froth = jacob froth.
and get well rob.

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