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Will video editing programs take the raw MP4 format? If not, what do you convert it to?

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quicktime. use MPEG Streamclip to convert.

using which compression? default 'Apple Motion JPEG A'?

I'm currently using Corel video studio pro x3. No conversion needed.

MP4 is not a particularly complicated format, almost all PC based video editing software accept it easily

its the h.264 codec thats the issue. it will work, but as soon as you start adding filters and other shit to the footage, the software develops glitches and you can lose your project. happened to me with my first GoPro HD edit.

I use either Apple Intermediate Codec or Apple ProRes 422.

but if your using a PC, then your doing wrong...

nah, but i wouldn't be able to help you on that one if thats the case.

When you use a PC you have choice and lastest chips and graphics cards to do the encoding grunt work, when you use a Mac you get whatever Apple dishes up and whatever hardware was in PC's 3 years before which gives you glitches and lags cause the hardware struggles to crunch the numbers of modern HD codecs and filters, thats the problem.



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