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hey, i am going to my dads in about a week and a half for a week. And i want to take my board because we spend all lot of time doing nothing, and i dont really want to have to go a week without skating because its a rad thing to do. Does anyone know any good hills for sliding or a real nice downhill that is no more then 70km/h with fairly easy corners in the Southern Highlands?, preferable around the Bowral area? i can be any where between Sydney and Goulbourne.

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I'm from Bowral myself actually, I wouldn't say there are a heap of good hills, the biggest one is probably going down Old South Rd, from mitta to bowral, which is just one massive straight hill, probably faster than 70km/h though. If you go back the other way from mitta towards high range on the same road it's a better road though with a few corners. Also could try Oxley rd from berrima towards bowral.

The passes between the highlands and the coast are way too dangerous and full of cars/police/blind corners, I wouldn't advise going there.

alright. thanks heaps bro. ill look into them. Isnt old south road a main road tho??



Yeah you would want a chase car.
yea true. oh yea i remember what road is old south road. its that like back road from like mittagong to like south bowral or some thing. the hill going to bowral thats like right at the end the big steap one isnt it?

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