ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

i was recently looking at facebook and i found this group . these people are complete scumbags. i just thought that i would let all the people on asra know about this because this group is a comlete load of bull shit

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and some love for those who are bridging the gap

i think longboarding and skating are equally as fun. skating is quite hard to learn to land a kickflip bolts took me years. and progression takes alot longer. the feeling when you nail a steezy speedcheck bomb a hill or bone a huge ollie is like no other feeling.  i love street skating however i dont like the street skating culture
This guy thinks of us as Scooter-Fags.
he just doesnt like longboarding cos he thinks its to easy like a rip off of skating. i rekon hes right in some ways try tre flip a park bench

It s all the same shit if its got 4 wheels a pair of trucks and 5 plys on top is just a fuckin skateboard who cares?!?

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