ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Alright so it's summer, everyone is on holidays pretty much, no excuses. Lets go skate!


My plan is to get a little group together, name is still in the making so you guys are more than welcome to come with suggestions.

For our first stop I was thinking of perhaps just doing a bit of a chill cruise, just to get a feel for the people that are wanting to tag along.

I have a few different boards and I'm sure a lot of you do as well, I'm trying to appeal to a lot of different longboarder and by saying that I mean some weekends we'll go down pathways along beaches and inner city landscapes just to cruise and chill, other weekends will consist of sliding sessions in some local hills, as well as of course downhill fun as well!


I'm thinking that due to the heat I'm going to do it early morning or later afternoon, mid day would have us soaked in sweat in no time.

For the first stop I'm thinking this Sunday, 27th of November, head down Main Beach and hit up the sidewalks around there and if you feel like it go for a swim afterwards to cool down.


Feel free to call or text me at 0408418674.

Make sure that if you do call however, that you lead with what it's concerning, cause I get telemarketers calling me and I just hang up. 


Alright, hook me up and come skate this Sunday! Anyone is welcome, bring all your mates, the more the merrier. 

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Hey my names Chelsea and I'm from the Gold Coast, I'd be interested in joining your Gold Coast longboarding club, how can I sign up

Oh wow that was a long time ago that I wrote that.

It was never much of a club, more just a group of mates who went riding on the weekends and stuff, mainly downhill in the northern gold coast area. 

I recently moved south so I sort of lost contact with the lads but if you are interested I will try and get a group together one of these weekends and if you know anyone bring them.

Feel free to text me I still have the same number, I'd be keen to go for a ride again with the old crew, should try get everyone down to broady or something for a beach cruise or something.

yeah id defiantly be keen for a roll also

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