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Hey. Names Tom. Im 24. Been skating normal boards since I can remember. Quit that right around when I got my license(bout 6 years) and got fat and now I'm into longboarding. Been crusing around on my sector nine green bush for a while now.. And starting to really getting into a bit of downhill nothing crazy yet. Need to get a bit of safety gear b4 I split my head open. Lol. Was told this was the place to meet ppl. So here I am. Oh and I just brought a rayne amazon from Hopkins so hopefully that arrives Monday :) hoping this board is a little better suited for dh. Anyways if anyone is keen for a skate. Let me know.

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It hasn't seen much use lately, but there is a private group on here, Sunshine Skate Society.

There is also a Facebook page for Brisbane called BFL (Brisbane Freeride Longboarding) or something like that.
There are usually guys getting out every weekend for freeriding and every now and again, for some downhill action.


Beware, groms will latch on to you if they know you have a car and they talk a complete other language.  I don't know what they learn at school!!/groups/153968218008581/
Hope the link works.

If you come up to Noosa on 26/8. Most of the crew will be there. Gynider Drive Tewantin.

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