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For Sale: Fat Pigeon - Scratched in areas, good condition. Look at the photos! - $150 (you pay shipping) If more than one person wants the deck, highest pay takes it.

'Forget w cave, forget pleasure dome! You won’t need those with this deck. Featuring Duel rocker ™ and Garden of Eden pockets ™ this dropthrough freeride deck is taking freeride boards to the next level.
Longitudinally super stiff thanks to uniaxial carbon fibre with just a hint of torsional twist to aid the initial breakout of the wheels during slides.
This is a handcrafted road weapon using only quality materials. Constructed with double bias fibreglass and uniaxial carbon fibre sandwiched between 4 layers of ply.
Step into the pockets and each one of your feet will feel something special, something unique, a little bit of paradise. They will feel locked in, more locked in than a loser on Who wants to be a millionaire!

Ok I’ll stop now.

The idea for this deck has been floating round my head for about a year now and finally I have the skills to be able to build it.

Length 41 1/2” or 105cm
Width 10 1/4” or 26cm
Centre width 9” or 23cm
WB 32” or 81.5cm
Drop 5/8” or 14mm
Concave ½” or 12- 14mm

This thing is going to be perfect for stand up slides, general freeriding and even serious downhill. It is designed to be versatile. Can also be top mounted for even more options. Designed for 70mm wheels.

Let me know what you think, good or bad? What do you think of the pockets? Any improvements you would make? I want to make this a deck something that people will really dig riding' (Steve, Fat Pigeon)

For Sale: Mixed 83a and 8a Big Zigs - No coning, label worn, no chunking - $45 (you pay shipping) If more the one person wants the wheels, highest payer takes.

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dude the deck looks really great!
So, what are these "garden of eaden pockets" and the "Dual Rockers"? please explain ;)
how much would it be for shipping to vic 3723?
I am not sure. Im guessing around 20-25
great board here. ive ridden it myself before and loved it
how much shipped for the wheels to sydney?
I think about $57 dollars
could you do it for 160 shipped to me?
dan shipping to victoria will be only around 10 bucks for such a light deck.

Voodoo Longboards said:
I am not sure. Im guessing around 20-25
hey ive got a proposition...
how about i deposit $80 and you ship the deck, so i get too test it for about a week (because i really want to try this new design before i actually buy it) and if i like it, which i most likley will, (i dont like to screw people around) ill deposit another $80.
No sorry mate, I don't know you at all and you are thousands of kilometres away. If something goes wrong, it takes time and money to get the board back. I can't trust you mate, if you were in Brisbane it may be different. Bottom line is, if you want it, you pay $160 shipped.




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