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Where da hell... Did all the Brisbane skate gone...? I been looking up for Brisbane skates ppl posted update but there none this yr all like from last yr or 3 yr go..... Lol if there still any Brisbane skater out there who wanna meet up for a chill. Hit us up..... Lol

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Hey bro , i am new to brisbane come from canda and i been riding alone most of the time around the city and southbank area, where i work. I find it hard to find people to skate with and would be interesdted in having a session and some beers.  I have tonight and friday off work so if you wanna meet up at some point i will be down. you can reach me at 0411876616 and ask for  dan. cheers!

Yea man will be in contact, can't do it in these few week got so much thing happening I got 1 bday 1 buck nite n 2 wedding ... So ya. ... U on Facebook man?

yeah bro no problems , i am stoke to  meet up hit me up at facebook , dano elvito. will keep in touch, party up!!!

Most of the stuff has been moved to a private forum or facebook

oh ic is the forum private on for close friends?i been wanting to meet some locas that can show me some spots and have a good session. If anyone interested let me know.


Should take you to a facebook group. Beware of groms...


Gabe said:


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