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So, longboarding/downhill skating is becoming more and more of a followed sport now days. Watching Win sport on the internet streamed live really brought that home. People all cheering for their favourite riders, their favourite teams and staying up to un godly hours of the morning to watch the action and find out the results. Although it's still 


Pretty simple question, who's your favourite skater(s) in the longboarding world? Who floats your boat, who inspires, who makes you wanna ride with their particular style? International or Aussie, young or old, ''pro'' or bro...





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I have a list.


Lewis Carroll - Son

Steve Daddow - Legend

The Chad - Style

MikE - Coming in too hot and looks like Mr Bean.

TB - Mr consistency

Benbro - only met him once. good bloke.

All the qld and goldy crew

Mischo Erban - just a weapon



And daddow for the awesome boards he makes and which i own!

Alexander said:

jacko-taught me heaps at school of speed. he pushes the limits and is just generally gnar as fuck

cheers everyone for being supportive of the aussie skaters,pretty rewarding having quite a few looking up to us as their favourite skaters.

personally ive always found it hard to decide on a 'best skater,im glad were talking about our 'favourite' skater,theres just so many different riders that i think are epic and who have it going on in their own kind of way.

my favourite skater would have to be jacko,firstly coz hes aussie,but mainly because i have personally learned so much off him and there is nothing he cant do on a longboard...and the whole way he approaches every aspect of our sport,he has done so much not only for his own progression but for the sport as a whole.... and he really does skate as fast as anyone alive on earth.

steve Daddow would be next for me coz he too can do everything and has experience like no other.

if i had to decide on an overseas favourite it would kevin reimer,.

then theres,james kelly,gabe,bowditch,mike english,louie p,evren,..all who i think skate with epic style


Because he rips at skating EVERYTHING

Aussies like Benbro, Jacko, Gabe and no shortage of others are obviously the freakin bomb but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the Chinchilla is probably my all time fave on a wheely board.

I can watch Let Go over and over and over again until my brain melts from stoke. Kyle just styles out everything I love about longboarding in that video. Plus, his slide tutorials on youtube are extremely helpful and clear and helped me get the basics down when I was skating alone, before I discovered SCBS. Haven't met the guy but he just comes across as a complete champ.

oh,cant believe i forgot p.c.!

allrounder boss for sure

Sweet! Some cool answers coming up, interesting to read. Keep em coming!

Millsy - coz he's a superfreak

Benbro - he Killz Hillz

PC - He has the stoke of a grom, and the skills of a veteran


ahh can't believe I forgot the GITS! 


Because he's a mental skater, even tho he's not human and we can't understand a word he's saying.....

Anyone who skates uphill gets my vote!


I would like add Paul Kent to my list too, speaking of skating uphill. He's a sic Kent and seems like a genuine bloke!

Louis Pilloni for his gnar stoke and RADNESS and Scoot for his style and shredability!

 Also bringing it back home : Benbro for his drafting help which won me 4 heats at Grom Bomb!

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