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So now I've broken BOTH legs, it's time to take a hint and move onto something a bit less hectic. It's been rad skating with so many awesome crew, the bombsquad boys and too many other steezebuckets I've had the honour of shredding with. You know who you are. Too many to list.

Just wanted to say thanks for the skating, people and stay safe out there. I just took a slightly dodgy line last Thursday and traction suddenly just wasn't an option. Watch it here:

Another tib-fib fracture to add to the collection and some more titanium. I'm out before I end up paralysed or dead. My kids don't need to go to their dad's funeral just yet.

It doesn't have to be fast to do a lot of damage. The first fracture was probably only at 25-30. This one would have been around 40 by the time I went into that corner. It doesn't take much....

Stay steezy, stay safe.

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Awww Dave, ASRA could use a few more people like you,.... not one less.

heal fast man! Catch up soon...

Cheers boys. Thanks Matty. I can still be a grumpy old bugger, I just won't be speaking from direct experience when
I do fire up...

Matteo, keep those wheels, bearings and bushings man. All yours. Catch ya when I'm mobile again.

Sorry to hear about your injury Dave, I'm sure your decision is not an easy one but I know exactly where you are coming from. Please keep sharing your wealth of experience on this site. Hope you heal up completely so you can get into something  that is equally as satisfying. 

You don't have to skate downhill to skate! Happy healing!

That's sad to hear, ASRA threads will miss you!  Heal up quick and keep on boarding of some sort, I'd go with the slalom idea ;)

If I get on a board, it'll be a surfboard.

Here's a shot of the damage. Pretty freakin gnar. I thought my leg felt a bit shortened at the time....


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