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Apparently a longboarder went flying through the Capalaba shopping centre a few months ago knocking down a sweet old lady who died the next week in hospital from head injuries.

According to the security guard who told me this story the police are still looking for the skater who is now facing manslaughter charges.

Can anyone out there verify any of this? Sounded suspect to me at the time as an excuse for the guard to kick me and my evil skateboarding arse out of the place.

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Couldn't find any news about it.

Id like to think that we are smart enough not to skate in shopping centres.

I bet there's a full afternoon of training at security guard school that teaches security guards that skateboarders are the number 1 enemy of all mankind.

This would surely have been in the news. Sounds like a tall security guard tail to me

Doesn't sound like the usual brisbane crew.. most likely some poorly educated kook  who's in it for the fad and not the fun
 that is pretty damn low 

Definitely sounding like BS. That would be in the news like nobody's business.

 That would be interesting though my 86a Durians on a ultra smooth polished tile floor...NO THANKS,, sounds like BS

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