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Hi All,

I am going to sound like an absolute retard, but the only way I can get better is to ask questions. I want to start getting into DH, and need some advice. I have all the gear necessary but I just cant go down a 'slow' hill without wanting to footbreak and jump off!

But the most amazing thing is is that I can go much faster and freeride down a different, steeper hill with much more speed??? I am very confused.

I just feel that it is too fast when in a tuck. I tried it without tucking but still had to footbreak. What do i need to do?


Thank you for your support

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it sounds like its just confidence bro,...keep skating and as you gain more experience you will gain the confidence to let go on the brakes and commit to the hill,


yeah, just try to commit to it its just confidence 

your me 8 months ago! i footbraked everything and never got into a tuck cos i thought id get wobbles. i just ended up walking to the top of the hill and rode down really scared. its a massive confidence boost when you reach the bottom. its all just mind tricks, you just have to stop thinking for a second!

Would it help (confidence wise) if I was to do the run with slideyer wheels? e.g. freerides instead of, say 4pres? Just to boost confidence and then try with a faster 4pres??? becuse I had done the run with other wheels and they were much slower, but still too fast for me! Ahhhahaa

or maybe you can start from liek halfway up the hill or from where you are confident
then the next run go even higher then the next run go higher and so on
then you will only be increseing the speed slightly and getting confident wiht yorself adn the hill

Find some pals to skate with. best way to learn. Other than that, just keep at it! Everyone progresses at their own rate, and skateboarding is its own reward. If you love skating, skate and enjoy it, nothing else matters. Use wheels you are comfortable with, ie the wheel you can dominate, instead of the wheel dominating you.


Sounds like sustained speed and acceleration are intimidating you. just keep practicing, after a while it will all fall into place and you will feel comfy tucked up and listening for that magic sound when your wheels start to sing...


I love skateboarding....

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