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Hey everyone, just wondering if I need to win races or if I can just get sponsored for slides and going fast? I live in a small country town where the nearest race is 5 hours away. I can do most slides (Coleman, pushup, 180 heelside/toeside goofy and regular, 360 slide, pre drifts all that stuff) and I've gotten up to around 60 km/h. I know I dont stand a chance with land yachts or rayne but could I try and get sponsored by some Aussie brands?? If so what are some :)

Thanx ahead :D

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No, you don't need to win races to be sponsored.

What you need is the ability to help sell your sponsor's products. You're the ad. So you need to be the sort of rider that people look at and think "I want to ride like him", and you need to be visible to a lot of people. Video is the way to do that, especially if you live in a small town.

So, get good at riding, and get good at making videos.
Instead of wanting to be sponsored by a skate company try other stuff like Mars bars or chips and stuff. Go for a lollie company spono and swap it for gear. I will trade you my cnc trucks for a box of chips. Might work.
Thanx bugs :)

you also ask yourself why you want to be sponsored. is it coz u love skateboarding so much that you want to do it all day every day, make it ur job and ur bread and butter? are you after opportunities to travel and race and learn how to compete? or are you just looking to keep skating and not have to spend the money on the gear. OR (and lets hope your not this) you want to be sponsored because its cool to tell people your sponsored and you have no desire to compete or do anything you just want free shit and tell peeps your sick.

now theres all those options which require different things, if your looking to travel you will need lots of money. Not many sponsors in the skate world actually have money to give out. Rarely riders get paid to skate, only those at the top of the world get paid to skate, and its only still small fees. Travel budgets can be assigned to get them to races but like i said not many brands, even big brands like Rayne have the spare dollars to do that, so if thats what your after you need to give them a pretty good reason to spend money they dont really have. Its all to do with Marketing and how you as a rider can sell their brand by you using their products. Like Bugz said start with videos. Public media is huge and can be seen by millions of people really quickly. Start making good edits and get a following then insert logos and what ride the products of your sponsors. If you get high views and lots of followers it can turn into sales for that brand.

Getting back to how much a sponsor can give, the best entry level stuff you wanna look at is getting 'flow'. This is just a little hand out of free product, or even a discount price. Best bet is to start with local skate shops and start doing vids for them. That way you can keep getting cool product either free or cheap as chips and start your way on up already with shop sponsor to help you look legit.

other ways to get noticed and get your name out is to help with the community, become a public figure. help out organising events or even put the effort in and travel that 5hours to at least check out some events and see what they are all about, learn and bring it to your town. organise skate days with kids to teach them safety or what not, dunno could be anything. as long as your doin stuff and people are noticing then your name gets out and you become a somebody in the world of skate.

just remember, no such thing as a free lunch. people can give you stuff for free but in reality its not free, its just something you earned without using dollars

I wanna be sponsored so be seen doing the thing I love and make people want to do what I do :)

So I should try starting making videos for my local skate shop and promoting their stuff?

I don't really need free stuff like I'm not rich but I've got a good set up that can do everything I need it to but if I want to get sponsored by a smaller company or local skateshop does that mean I have to ride their gear or can I still use my own?

Thanx heaps
Sounds like you're in it for the right reasons man!
Make some videos, get some feedback, make some more videos, and when you've got something your really stoked on, send it out to some shops and brands you respect and appreciate, who provide a product or service that you believe is truly the best on the market. If you do end up getting picked up, it's expected that you ride that brand, especially in any sort of media you produce, but it's not like you'll have to bin any gear you've already got. The most important thing for any company is that you, as a sponsored rider, are passionate, honest, friendly, skilled, and that you love their product.
Good luck man, can't wait to see some of your videos!
Thakyou! :)
So I have to ride their boards in videos? Because I'd much prefer my switchblade to anything the local store offers :P but if I have to then I will

I think you've missed the point there man, if the shop isn't stocking gear you like, why would you want to ride for them? If you don't like the product, why would you tell people to buy it? On the other hand, if you don't like any products the shop offers, why would they want to sponsor you? What will they get out of it? A potential sponsor wants you to want to ride their product, and to make other people want their product.

I'm not a giveruperer but getting sponsored by landyachtz is gonna be very very hard for anyone especially me!

sorry to say this but it sounds like you want to get sponsored just for the sake of being sponsored...? your not quite getting the whole deal that everyone is laying out for you in simple terms here. maybe you should just keep skating and make videos and do all that stuff and forget about the sponsorship stuff until the time is right, coz i dont think it is for you just yet champ!

You don't have to ride for landyachtz to ride a switchblade. Find a shop that has a switchblade or a setup you'd like, and if you get sponsored you can honestly send them off to your shop. If you're riding a switchblade and your shops just got a bunch of S9 cruisers, some little grommet will get stoked "where'd you get that board?" and you'll say well i bought it online... That's not gonna work

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