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Hey guys, looking for some good spots to skate on sydney because I just got banned from Sweep. Also, anyone to ride them with (I'm 12).

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stick to the footpaths, your 12 and have no idea about road safety, any foot path will do.

yea dude what robs saying is 100% true
Rob Mcwhinnie said:

stick to the footpaths, your 12 and have no idea about road safety, any foot path will do.

If u just got banned from a spot do u think anyone would bother sharing their secrets with u? I think not!
Hey im 14 and i know heaps of good downhill spots in sydney if you go to sutherland there is a biketrack there thats heaps good the top speed is about 65 kmh but if u have a downhill board u will be able to handle it just let me know if u know where that is and we will meet up
Shut up glen you kook it's not even faster than 40
Guys nathan lim is a retard u must be a pussy if u cant go over fifty on the sutho bike track i recorded 65 kmh on the bike track using a speedometre
Oh and nathan u must of met jye coz he told me what an arsehole u are and i found out where pump station is suck on that doggiessssss
I don't care if you found pump, it's actually impossible for you to go over 40 it doesnt matter how hard you push it's how the hill works it has a speed that you can't get over

There are some hella sick spots in the upper mountains....

Just checked out Megalong Valley...

Reasonably fast, quiet in the weekdays and smooth as pavement.

That is if you can endure the hike up for all you sydney people out there...

i would hate to see a 12 yr old skating on my local.. especially the kind who manages to  get banned from runs

aww damn, what did jacko's comment say?

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