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''At the risk of one day being chased down and beaten by a mob of outraged laides (which I might kind of like, who knows) this is an ultimate segregation of the skateboarding community. Skaters, who are prodominately guys have always welcomed and encouraged girls to come to sessions, races and events in an endevour to get more girls into the community, sport and scene. I feel that girls have always been welcomed and supported in the skate scene and I feel that this is a positive thing. I am all for female equality and power but when woman segregate themselves and treat themselves differently from the men, well not only are they doing themselves a dis-favour by doing so they are also showing that both genders have members who are somewhat if not entirely sexist. I encourage all female skaters to attend this event but not because it is a girls only event but because it is an opportunity to ride 2 awesome roads in what is a beautiful country. If you haven't been to Slovenia before then I encourage you more so. I would never dream of putting on a male only event and I hope that no other guy would either because I beleive that the ultimate beauty of skating is skating with friends and I have friends who are both male and female and would like to skate and spend time with both genders. Daniel Hawes does not support community segregation and I do not support woman setting woman back in the battle for equal rights and fair treatment which I beleive this sort of event does.''

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dani i think you'll find you'll be alone on this one.
its got nothing to do with segregating the sex's. there are a shitload of guy skaters out there and it would be pretty confronting going to an event or session with the usual ratio of guys to gals. the competition is far greater when you have a greater number competing and the guys get to enjoy and improve with this competition every event. whilst there is still racing for the girls, it tends to be the same girls as usual with 4 or 5 locals who were willing to face the male dominant environment. it seems the growth amongst the womens scene is barely growing and for a sport that inspires so much stoke from all sorts of personalities, you'd think it would be otherwise.
don't know if you've seen this - - but its clear the vibe amongst the crew whilst sessioning is very different to how the guy crews work. not good or bad, just different and thats because they are women. they should be able to enjoy longboarding the way they want to and if that means setting up events and sessions solely for the girls then who cares.

This isn't a competition, it is only a free ride. One who week, two different hills (pretty rad roads) in one of the most amazing landscapes I have ever seen.

This is Slovenias 2nd big event which is likely to attract people from all around the world. Taking a wild guess I'm gonna say that most of SLovenias scene is made up of blokes. That means that for only the second time these guys have 2 rad roads blocked off, hay bailed and ready to skate, only problem is, none of them are allowed to skate it.

I do understand having a womans class at events, any events be it tennis, swimming or skating and if the girls wanna compete against the guys then even better and all the luck to them but if you are only having a free ride, one which many people who would be interested in attending then it seems wrong to me to ban the greater part of the community. For instance if BTB became a female only event next year, I can gaurentee that there would be a fuss. Even if it became a male only event next year, I think Maggie and Lea would have something to say about that.

The female scene has EXPLODED over the past year, incredibly and of course fantastically but if you look at the top female skaters, be it in Aus or anywhere around the world they all learn't to skate with guys. I'm not saying that is the reason they are so good, I'm just saying that they had no problems learning in that environment.

I have been learning to skate bowl over the last 5 months or so and when I first got to the bowl is was really intimidating because the people that were there were all so good! There are two girls who reguarly skate there and about 8 to 10 guys. I was no less intimidated by the girls than I was the dudes, it wasn't their gender that made me feel that way, it was the fact that they are absolute rippers and that fear of making an ass of yourself in front of strangers was o so strong!

Sorry Dani, but this is one of the most retarded posts i have seen in a while.

Jump off the computer and go for a skate bro.

It's 3am with 3 meters of snow and -25 degreees and I am at work right now, skating is not really an option at this moment.

So apparently I am the only one who would be pissed if BTB became a male only event or a female only event?

If an existing event became segregated, that would be irritating. If an event is set up to be spscifically female-only, I don't see a problem with it. Girls get a lot of stoke and confidence by skating with other girls. It's the way it is. It encourages them to skate at other mixed events too. All good.

I'd like to point out that I do understand the opposing argument to this (basically what Leigh and Dave have said) I just don't beleive it to be ''right'', not saying that you ARE wrong, just that I think you are :P

And yea, the fact that it's an exhisting event may have some impact. Would the girls be pissed if someone had a guy's only freeride event? Say it's the first BTB but it's boys only, curious for more female aspects on it.

holy crap dude, i didnt realise you brought this to ASRA!

this is the most public shaming one could ever bring upon themselves.... you look like a retard man. stop this nonsense, everyone now hates you

I brought it here because there are more female skaters here than on FB and I am keen to hear what they think.

I have seen people shame themselves worse than this and I find it far more interesting than ''what wheels should a get'' or ''how do I dye my bearings black''. You don't have to agree with me and you have told me why you don't and that's cool. My girlfriend does though and I would be interested to hear some more girls ideas on it. I also know a couple of Finnish girls who LOATH the girls longboarding crew, so I know that I am not alone on this.

dani, this is far worse than ANY "what wheels should i get" thread. This is by far worse and far more stupid (and wrong) than any retarded grom thread. Dani, you are not back at Grom status...

like gabe said, you need to go out and skate right now dude, too much finland your turning weird man!

Haha, been bowl skating a lot man and have another session there tomorrow so I'm still getting my skate fix. I don't think I can go to grom status since grom is based on age and I am older than you?

I don't see how it's retartded but maybe that makes me retartded. The same discussion has been happening since the 60's (not skateboarding specific but gender argument) to the point where people are paid to research it, lecture it at University and you can study and write a masters on the subject. Far smarter people than you or I have had the exact same discussion on all sorts of subjects such as womans pay rates, female comedians, athletes, politicians, pilots and a myriad of other things. Segregation, gender based groups and events is no where close to a new topic, I am just interested on what my friends have to say about it on a subject that we can all relate to (skating).

Like I said, you don't have to agree with me but just because it hurts your head to think so hard does not make me a retard for bringing up a question which was raised long before either of us were born.

your right, it hurts my brain so much to try and figure out how you can step up and say something like womens only events are wrong... if thats the way you feel then i guess thats the way you feel, fair enough... good luck with that.

you wanted to know how people react to it, and you have it:

"dani i think you'll find you'll be alone on this one"

"Sorry Dani, but this is one of the most retarded posts i have seen in a while"

and of course, my favourite :)

"you look like a retard man. stop this nonsense, everyone now hates you"



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